AFC was founded in 2002 by Oliver Kwon, a successful entrepreneur from Los Angeles. Oliver founded AFC with a vision that the future of Latin American film would be best served by a single organization that could preserve the historic films of the region and catalyze a new era of industry success.

Mr Kwon thereby established AFC with associates and fellow cultural enthusiasts Lincoln Phipps and other partners. The result is the first pan-regional organization dedicated to the guardianship and promotion of Latin American film.
A number of factors have influenced the founding of AFC.

1. Interest in Latin American Social Sciences. Oliver and his team have traveled and lived throughout the Americas and have a passion for the history, sociology and political economy of the region.

2. Interest in Film as a Historic Asset. Growing up in Los Angeles, Oliver and his team are from the epicenter of cinema. They not only see film as a source of entertainment but also as a valuable means for recording our past.

3. The Need for Pan Regionalism in Latin America. Latin America is made up of a number of developing nations that lack the resources to protect and promote their film industries. There is a need for pan regional organizations that view the interests of the region as a whole and channel resources appropriately.

4. Belief in an Ability to Make an Impact. Oliver and his team believe in the ability of dedicated individuals with vision to make a difference and achieve great things. They have demonstrated this in their respective careers and import this philosophy for the cause of guarding and promoting the film heritage of the Americas.
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