The past and future of Latin American film are under threat. Historic films continue to be lost as valuable productions escape the protection of commercial and social interests. Meanwhile promising filmmakers are neglected, as many Latin American production teams remain under-promoted and under-financed.

Film is an important part of the unique cultural tapestry of the Americas. Filmmakers have recorded the dreams, ambitions, trials and tragedies of the continent’s past. The medium is however fragile and deteriorates under inadequate care. In Latin America, the rates of film loss are considerable higher than other regions. Fewer than 10 percent of Latin American films produced before the 1920s survive and of films produced before 1950, less than 30 percent survive today. This tremendous loss can be attributed to a lack of funding and commercial interest to store and protect valuable works.

The films of today also suffer similar neglect. Though Latin America has one of the largest entertainment markets in the world, it is chronically underdeveloped when compared to other regions. Latin America occupies a mere 3 percent of worldwide film production, when over 650 million people speak Spanish and Portuguese. Though there has been a surge of talented young filmmakers, a deficit in funding and training perpetuates a grossly underdeveloped film industry.

Americas Film Conservancy (AFC) is a California registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that realizes the need for institutional aid in developing the potential of Latin American film. AFC is a unique organization that takes a pan-regional approach to the preservation of Latin American film and the promotion of its future.

We work with filmmakers, archives, universities, laboratories, NPO´s, production companies and philanthropists to ensure the physical survival of historic works and the promotion of todays filmmakers. Our mission is to ensure a bright future for the Latin American film industry while preserving and guarding the rich heritage of its past.
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