AFC focuses on the protection and promotion of Latin American Film. Approximately 650 million people speak Spanish and Portuguese; making these languages some of the largest entertainment markets in the world. In spite of its commercial potential, the Latin American film industry continues to suffer a lack of protection, representation and financing. The past and future of Latin American film are under threat. Historic films continue to be lost as productions escape the protection of commercial and social interests. Promising filmmakers are also ignored as many Latin American production teams remain underpromoted and underfinanced. AFC realizes the need for institutional aid in protecting and promoting Latin American film and works to implement programs to achive these goals.

Protection of Latin Americas Film Heritage.

AFC works to protect and preserve Latin America’s film heritage through film preservation and restoration, archives and exhibitions. See Film Preservation and AFC Programs. Though many Latin American countries had their most prolific periods of film production between 1950 and 1975; a few countries such as Argentina and Brazil had considerable film production dating as far back as the 1920´s. Many films produced during these periods have not found sufficient protection. An absence of funding and extreme weather conditions perpetuate film deterioration rates that are considerably higher than those in North America and Europe. AFC aims to stem the loss of Latin America’s valuable film patrimony by proving a single archival, promotional and educational resource for preserving Historic Latin Film. AFC will unify and support the efforts of disparate film preservation groups throughout the Americas to achieve a truly effective pan regional guardianship of the continents film heritage. This objective can be achieved by bringing the financial resources and know how of Hollywood to identify, protect and restore significant Latin Film productions.

Promotion of the Latin American film industry

AFC works to ensure a bright future for Latin American Film by sponsoring promising filmmakers and film archivists and promoting events, festivals and awareness campaigns. Though there are signs of a resurgence in Latin American film awareness, the past two decades have seen a general decline in the number of films produced in Latin America. There is much that needs to be done to promote a healthy industry. There is still no pan regional effort to stimulate growth and creative development amongst Latin American filmmakers. Furtermore, The Latin American Film Industry remains grossly under-promoted when compared to other regions in Asia and Europe. For more information on Latin American film in relation to the rest of the world see Worldwide Motion Picture Industry.

AFC will be a catalyst for a new period of sustained growth in the Latin American film industry. AFC will enact its vision by supporting talented film professionals and the collective efforts of organizations dedicated to the promotion of Latin Film.
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