Americas Film Conservancy (AFC) is a California registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the development, enjoyment and protection of Latin American film.

AFC’s mission is to promote the development and preservation of Latin American films as a cultural and historical resource, with the goal of bringing greater mutual understanding between the U.S. and the Latin American region. In enacting this mission, AFC will enhance the value that films provide to their communities, educate the general public, and help assure the development and preservation of such films as unique and valuable cultural assets.

Currently, AFC is in the startup stage of its development and is just beginning to implement some of its programs and services to achieve its objectives. As the organization develops, it will explore ways in which it can best contribute to the promotion and protection of Latin American film.

While AFC will promote Latin American cinema in its entirety, it will focus its initial emphasis on Argentina and Brazil. The reason for this is that along with Mexico, Argentina and Brazil have the largest filmmaking industries of the Latin American. As Mexico is best represented in the US due to its proximity, Brazil and Argentina pose the greatest urgency for promotion and preservation. In the future AFC will duly expand its focus to other countries.
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