AFC offers a number of programs as part of a holistic strategy to promote and protect Latin American film. Our programs are designed to achieve three objectives; film awareness, film preservation and industry promotion. Planned programs and services include:

Film Awareness

An important objective for AFC is to build the awareness of Latin American film in the US, Latin America and other markets. Through generating greater awareness of film heritage and successful filmmakers, we can strengthen the industry for a bright future. AFC works with the following to build awareness

AFC Newsletters
AFC Galas and Seminars
AFC Film Festivals
Film Revival

Film Revival
AFC is committed to keeping Latin America’s film heritage alive. AFC works with a number of organizations and individuals to encourage the effective archiving, storage and restoration of historic films. These efforts are combined with pan-regional coordination and promotional events to increase the relevance of historic films as a valuable resource. AFC works with the following to revive historic films.

Film Archiving
Orphan Film Protection
Film Preservation
Film Restoration

Industry Promotion

AFC also promotes the successful film professionals of today and the visionaries of tomorrow. By supporting the development of film professionals we can assure that the industry has the talent and human resources required for a new era of success. In particular AFC provides donations and scholarships for film scholars, film archivists and film makers. AFC works with the following to promote the Latin American film industry a a whole:

Film Exhibitions
YUFM programs
Scholarship Programs
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