A driving force behind AFC is its film revival program. Under this program, AFC works with Film protection, preservation and restoration. Through revival AFC aims to bring historic films back into the domain of public interest to preserve their value and relevance.

Film Protection

AFC works to identify and isolate films for preservation. AFC increases communication between public film archives, museums, historical societies, libraries and individuals to trace and record the location and condition of movies. A serious problem in Latin American film preservation is an absence of comprehensive regional catalogues and data concerning the loss of historic films. AFC will combat this deficit of information by generating reliable data and communication channels. This will allow us to identify films in danger, obtain accurate data and establish action groups.

Film Preservation

After cataloguing, tracing and identifying endangered films, it is important to have adequate storage for surviving reels. AFC will coordinate the activities of a number of archives and storage facilities to implement the latest technological means of storage and film protection. Eventually AFC will seek to centralize a number of important reels in the AFC pan regional archive.

Film Restoration

Certain films that have suffered considerable deterioration will require restoration. This is often a costly exercise which requires considerable resources. AFC will work with a number of organizations, laboratories and individuals to restore films to its original condition.
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